Should the Nuggets retire Carmelo Anthony’s jersey? | The Denver Sports Podcast with Harrison Wind

Should Carmelo Anthony’s #15 jersey eventually get raised to the rafters at Ball Arena? Jeff Morton of the Mortcast and the original CSG Podcast joins Harrison Wind on The Denver Sports Podcast to discuss what covering Carmelo as a Nuggets was like, the days leading up to his trade demand and the eventual deal that sent him to New York, and if the Nuggets should eventually retire his jersey.

Start – 0:00
A rant about Michael Malone – 2:15
His connection with his stars – 6:40
Interview with Jeff Morton – 13:30
What led to the trade request? – 19:00
Inside an event that changed everything – 29:15
Why did Melo want to get traded? – 31:30
Will the Nuggets extend an olive branch? – 42:00
Will they retire his jersey? – 45:50
The Nuggets not recognizing their history – 55:00

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43 pensamientos sobre “Should the Nuggets retire Carmelo Anthony’s jersey? | The Denver Sports Podcast with Harrison Wind

  1. 1:06: 🎙️ In this episode of the DenverSports podcast, Harrison Wind interviews Jeff Morton about the Carmelo Anthony era and his trade to the Knicks.
    5:39: ! Mike Malone deserves credit for centering the Nuggets offense around Nikola Jokic and building a strong connection with his star players.
    10:46: ⚠️ The video discusses gambling promotions and responsible gambling resources.
    16:23: 🏀 The video discusses the Denver Nuggets' performance in the 2010 NBA playoffs and the tension between Carmelo Anthony and the team management.
    21:45: 📚 There were significant changes in the front office structure of the Denver Nuggets, including Stan Kroenke giving up operational control and Josh Kroenke taking over.
    27:04: 🏀 The video discusses the negotiations between the Knicks and the Nets in the NBA.
    32:18: 🏀 The video discusses the decisions made by the Denver Nuggets regarding players like Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, and Dante Jones, as well as Carmelo Anthony's perception of the team's direction.
    37:17: 😕 There is a lack of appreciation for the history of the Denver Nuggets franchise, particularly their Western Conference Finals run in 2009.
    42:51: 🏀 There may be a reunion between Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets in the future.
    47:49: 🏀 The Denver Nuggets have won a championship and the era with Carmelo Anthony is now appreciated.
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  2. No. He was a ball hog ball stopper, the antithesis of the DT/BJones teams. The antithesis of the Doug Moe/English years, and the antithesis of this era. Let New York put his jersey up. Sheesh.

  3. That #15 represents not only Jokic but the style of play that won Denver its first championship, it represents a culture for what this team will be known (remembered for). And Jokic could turn out to be not only a great player but one of the GOATs when its all over. It's not a decision to make lightly.

  4. Totally get that NBA is way more culturally enormous than hockey, but gotta say, this format ain't it.

    Can we please have a rotating schedule of hosts or focuses? The NBA is already absolutely force fed down everybody's throat, and having a secondary nuggets pod … DNVR playing the cynical ESPN game.

    I know he said he will cover other sports, but definitely as an after thought.

  5. No, Melo will never be considered a true Nugget to Denver Nuggets fans. Melo never won anything in the NBA but individual stats…

  6. If an NBA champ and 2x MVP has the number, you dont get to share that shine. Give him a plaque somewhere in the stadium. That's good enough

  7. If Jokic didn’t have his jersey number yes, but now that Jokic is wearing his number absolutely not. I didn’t realize they gave 15 to Anthony Randolph! That’s disrespectful AF damn😅!

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if under the definition of "cuck" there was a pic of this guy and all the others who think that the Nuggets should reach out to that dummy and make peace lol

  9. Melo getting 15 retired makes me feel like the Embiid MVP last year, maybe even worse.

    Its not our fault you werent good enough, its not our fault you wanted out, its not Jokic's fault that he is awesome and loyal and all the things Melo is not.
    Melo wants to backtrack and now be something else, rewrite history.

    Did Melo bring back the Nuggets on the map? Sure, but it didnt do anything, Jokic would have still came and the important part of Nuggets history would remain unchanged.
    Yeah, Embiid had a great season but he just wasnt MVP last year.
    Was Melo good in Denver?
    Yes but he never was better than Jokic in any regard.
    In my book that is just not good enough.
    Just answer yourself one question, who is the best no15 in Nuggets history? Yeah, that name on the jersey under the rafters. The end.

  10. I hate that this question is still even debated. If Jokic didnt exist, MAYBE. But if you retire Melo's jersey that's insulting to the accomplishments Jokic has had. It would be absolutely shameful. It'd be like if Clinton Portis and Terrell Davis wore the same number and you retired both. One of those dudes is not like the other.

  11. Melo’s a Knick. It’s what he wanted to be, it’s what he was, it’s what he still claims. Why are we trying to retire a Knick? Melo’s none of our business anymore & ours is likewise none of his, simple

  12. Why do we have to listen to this stupid SHIT over and over again?! Screw Melo and the horse he rode in on! Retiring his jersey would be like inviting your ex-wife who left you to go live with a rich guy in NY to your birthday party! Hell no! How did that trade work out for you Melo? They don't want to retire your jersey in NY? Good luck with that! Jokic is #15!

  13. the fact that Nuggets organization let number 15 available for new players is a statement that they wont retire Melo's number also Melo is so 1 dimensional player kinda ball hug as well

  14. I really think once LeBron, Wade, and Bosh teamed up – it made Melo have a change of heart about wanting to stay in Denver and he wanted a superteam too. There was an opportunity in New York with Amare, and also Lala was from NY so it might stirred things up making him want to leave. I didn't like at all how it ended with Melo because it ended taking Chauncey away from us. I can also say that Melo made us respectable again because before Melo came to Denver, we were only winning 17 games or avoiding having the worst record ever. Wish it ended better with him, but at same time, we got Jamal from that trade and it helped us win a title 😄

  15. Malone did take 8 years to finally realize the benefits of running in Denver… if not for Jokic he would and should have been fired… once AG arrived they started to run, like all denver teams should…

    And TC is the one who decided that Jokic was the center of the team, hence nurk getting traded.

    You are giving Malone far too much credit.

    He has built a great culture, but you gotta be a Malone guy.

  16. The Nuggets community should ABSOLUTELY retire all conversations about Melo. He didn't want to be a Nugget when he was here…. He ASKED to be traded….From his actions, it is obvious that the dude doesn't think of himself as a "former" Nugget… He thinks of himself as a former Knick. He has never once shown love or supported Nuggets teams after he left. He is not a Nugget. Nothing to retire.

  17. Great conversation/stories. Put Powder blue 15 for melo & tbd city jersey version for Jokic in the rafters when the time is right

  18. I didn't give a shit when Melo left and now with the chip, REALLY don't care. I get this was most fans, but people who hated on him I always found ridiculous

  19. I disagree with the take that we shouldn't be booing. He's a professional athlete that turned his back on a city. A city that loved him. He has done absolutely nothing to mend fences with the Denver Nuggets fan base. Most stars make a post, an announcement, something. He left, and all we have ever heard from him is "They should retire my Jersey". How about coming out and saying how amazing the city of Denver is, how amazing the fans are, how amazing Nikola Jokic is and the rest of the team. How about saying "I hope they retire my Jersey after they retire Nikola's first."

    I'm sorry, I remember the Melo years, they were great, but that doesn't mean I won't stop booing Melo. We can discuss retiring his Jersey after Jokic has his retired first.

  20. You can't get a crowd to stop booing. A small minority of the crowd can be booing and make it sound like it's the entire arena. There's nothing you can do to assure that a small percentage of a crowd won't boo. It has to happen organically. My take, fans will stop booing Melo when LeBron retires and that superstar empowerment/super team era LeBron represents (and Melo endorsed) is finally over. When that is a thing of the past, so will be the animosity about Melo leaving.

  21. The idea that the Nuggets need to reach out & woo Melo to come back is a joke. The only thing I've ever heard him say about the Nuggets since he left is "they should retire my number. Go Knicks!"

    And the idea the team should celebrate his era is like asking someone to celebrate their marriage to a wife who was lusting for someone else the whole time & started shitting in your bed to get what they wanted. No thanks, Knicks can have him.

  22. Nope. He got what he wanted – city, team and security of a long term contract. Let the Knicks retire his number if they want. #15 belongs to just one Nugget. Do appreciate the draft pick that led to Murray tho

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